Spokane Overhead Door Won’t Open

Overhead doors can be complicated. They normally get used many times year around, and sometimes they happen to malfunction. Once an overhead door stops functioning properly and won’t open, serious problems may start to develop. Problems you will notice at first might frustrate you since they will affect the proper operation of the overhead door, however, problems that affect both security and safety will soon follow as well. What’s even worse, a Spokane overhead door that is used as an access for an industrial or commercial property, may certainly affect financially the daily routine of the business.

When looking at overhead doors common problems, they can be identified using to main categories, physical and electrical. The causes for an overhead door that won’t open however, may be categorized as minor and major.

Spokane overhead door

Electrical issues

If you are using the remote and the overhead door won’t open unless you use the control panel that is on the wall, then most likely the batteries inside the remote control would need to be replaced. That would most likely be your “best case” scenario where the solution can be achieved without calling a professional garage door repair Spokane technician. However, if the batteries are good, but the overhead door should still not respond, then it is possible that the garage door opener may have reprogrammed itself. The procedure to get both the remote and opener synced again is easy as well.

Another possible electrical issues that may stop the overhead door from functioning would be a power failure throughout the property or the breaker specifically related to the overhead door. Fortunately, this will not require a professional garage door repair service as well.

The following electrical issue may be a different story and will require a professional overhead door repair professional. In a situation where the remote does work to open the overhead door but the control panel on the wall does not, the control panel may be the culprit of the problem. This is especially common on old control panels where wires get burned out. The best solution for this type of electrical overhead door issue is to replace the entire control panel with a new one and possibly have more features as well.

Physical issues

When it comes to overhead garage doors in commercial properties, it is very common to see damage that is being done due to careless motorized vehicle driving and heavy machinery poor operation as well. In addition, overhead door will not last a life time, and it too has a certain life span. In a work place, employees rarely report small accidents that occur or even neglect to mention strange noises when the overhead door is operating, so it is inevitable that the overhead door will fail sooner rather than later.

In case a door track got bent as a result of an accident or misuse, it can get even worse if not addressed as soon as possible. More so, if the overhead door will not open because of the bend, the entire track would need to be replaced in addition to some or all the rollers including realigning the door. Accidents and normal wear and tear of the overhead door will affect the cables as well. When the cables break, is a serious safety hazard as it can cause serious injury to individuals that are around the door when it happens. Last but not least is a broken torsion spring which will prevent the overhead door from operating once it breaks. When one of these things happen, contact a professional such as Premier Garage Door Repair Spokane for a reliable and prompt solution.