Garage Door Opener Installation In Spokane

When you are thinking of doing some upgrades to your garage door system, a new garage door opener installation would be a good way to go about it. It could be that your existing garage door opener is still in good shape. However, with today’s technology, it’s not hard to see why such upgrade would be in place. Newer models of garage door openers are much more quiet than older and obsolete models and more energy efficient as well. Additional features can be found as well such as WiFi and Smartphone integration capabilities.

So when you weight in those things such as better components, additional features, etc, it is hard to see why shouldn’t you go with a new garage door opener installation. Additionally, every upgrade you are doing to your home is considered as an investment that will increase your home value. The question is, how do you choose the right opener for a garage door opener installation without being familiar much about them? Continue to read on and soon you will become an expert when it comes to garage door openers.

Garage door opener installation Spokane

Two types of motors for garage door openers

The first type would be an AC motor. This type of motor is the most common in a garage door opener. A garage door opener installation that is done with such motor will operate at the same speed throughout the process of the garage door opening and closing. Normally, it will create additional noise, but may be unnoticed to some people. The second type is a DC motor. An opener that is equipped with this type of motor will have varied speed throughout the garage door operation process to conserve more energy and reduce noise.

About the manual operation of a garage door and balance

It is a fairly obvious fact that garage doors whether single or double size, are not light on weight. As a safety percussion, a garage door system is designed with garage door springs in order to balance the heavy weight of the door so it can be operated manually without much effort and would not put a strain on the garage door opener during operation. There are normally 2 spring systems a torsion garage door spring and an extension garage door spring. The general rule of thumb is if you cannot open or close the garage door with one hand, then most likely the motor inside the opener will stress more than the usual and wear a lot sooner than normal.

There is a way you can determine if your garage door system is properly balanced before going with a new garage door opener installation. This step is important as you would want to avoid putting unnecessary stress on the motor of the new opener. In order to do the procedure, the garage door has to be closed first. Next step would be to disconnect the garage door opener. Now you will attempt to open the door half way and see if it stays in place. If it drops down or continue to move up then you know the system is unbalanced. In this case you would want to address the spring system and have a professional garage door repair Spokane technician come and do a garage door spring replacement before a new opener is installed.

The motor of a garage door opener and its capabilities

Despite what you might think about garage door openers, they have great deal of power. Just as they can lift a garage door, they will close it using the same strength and any object that will be on the way under the door may get damaged as a result. That is why there are garage door sensors on any system that is equipped with a garage door opener. So if the sensors are malfunctioning, you would need to contact a professional and have them address it before having a garage door opener installation.

Spokane Garage Door Opener Installation

Power level of motors inside of a garage door opener

Both types of motors mentioned earlier come in multiple options when it comes to the power they offer. However, both types are measured differently when it comes to the level of power. An opener equipped with an AC motor will be measured using horse power which come in levels of 1/3, 1/4, and 3/4. Garage door openers that are equipped with a DC motor will be measured in newtons sizes of 500 and 700.Despite the differences in measurement forms, they equate to similar level of powers. For example, An opener with an AC motor of 1/2 HP will be identical in power to an opener with 500 newtons size of a DC motor.

Commercial garage door opener power levels

When it comes to commercial garage doors, not only the size would be different, but the weight would be significantly heavier than a residential garage door. Because of that, you can find garage door openers with motors that have 4 or 5 HP. However, for residential garage door systems when considering a new garage door opener installation, an opener with 1/2 or 3/4 HP would be enough depending if you have a single or double size garage door.

garage door opener installation with long term durability

Now that we covered the types and different sizes of motors for a garage door opener, you may consider quality as well. Depending on your budget, you will be able to find low cost models that would do the job but might not last very long. However, if you are thinking long term, we recommend picking a high end garage door opener that would most likely last for over 10 years. The options are many when it comes to garage door openers in the market, so regardless of your budget or needs, you will always be able to find an opener for garage door opener installation that would be reliable for several years.

Do your research before buying

When searching for the right garage door opener for a garage door opener installation, you should not choose one solely based on its price. Just like any other type of big purchase, it is good to do the research first so you know exactly what you are buying. Find out why a certain model cost more than the other, what are the specification of the motor and what types of features it may have. Normally, models that are WiFi and Smartphone compatible, will cost more than models that do not come with these particular features. That is why it is important to take that into consideration as well when you have a certain budget in mind to spend on an opener.

Leave it to the professionals

A garage door system is a big and complex system that can be dangerous at times if not dealt properly, professionally and with the right tools. It is true that there are some minor repairs and regular maintenance procedures that can be done by yourself. However, garage door opener installation is not one of them and should be left for the professionals like Premier Garage Door Repair Spokane. Feel free to contact us for more information and to book your next appointment for garage door opener installation in Spokane.